In today’s age of constant change, educators are consistently striving to engage students through innovative and holistic approaches. Novel educational strategies are being developed and explored so that complex concepts may be understood and applied to real world challenges.


Deadline for submission is 8 November 2019.


Call for Photo-Essays
14 September 2019
Submission Deadline
8 November 2019
9 November - 30 November 2019
Announcement of Accepted Submissions
8 December 2019


Submissions are welcomed in the format of a series of photographs that illustrates applied learning in action in your own "classroom", wherever that may be.

Review Process

Each series will be judged based on its creativity and impact, technical quality and the extent to which it addresses the theme of Applied Learning in Action. The winning entries will be announced and prizes will be awarded at the conference.

Submission Requirements

Presenter/team members who submitted the photo MUST register for the conference.

We will not accept any entries from people who do not plan to register / attend.

  • Each applicant may submit 3 - 5 images related to the theme. 

  • Participation can be on an individual or team basis.

  • Only one entry is permitted per individual or team.

  • Partnership with students is encouraged.

Project Description

To accompany your photo submission, please submit a project description (of no more than 250 words) about the photo-essay/ image collection that should include details on how the images relate to the project of “Applied Learning in Action”. Participants should provide adequate context of where the applied learning is taking place, such as what the students are learning, a description of the unique classroom.

Size & Quality

  • Images must include your full name and image number in the file name. For example, 01_firstname_surname.jpg 

  • Images must be uploaded in jpg/ jpeg format (medium to high quality). 

  • Image should be no more than 10MB per image. 

  • Both black and white and colour photographs are accepted.

Titles and Captions

For each image submitted, please include the image title and caption. The caption must be 20 words or less and may include any details about the photograph that are worthy of mention, including the date and place where it was taken.

Image Adjustments

The content of an image must not be altered or retouched beyond the accepted standards allowed by the industry. The committee will ultimately decide whether an image conforms to these standards.

Minor adjustments are acceptable in the following areas. 

  • Colour correction

  • Brightness and contrast

  • Minimal sharpening

Images with added borders, personal logos, embedded watermarks or other effects (such as HDR or selective colouring) will not be accepted. Images must not show the name of a photographer or the name of the agency or publication that the photographer belongs to. 


All subjects in the photograph(s) should have provided informed consent for their person to be displayed at the conference.